Diamond & Ruby Panther Earrings


The panther has over five hundred voluntary muscles that they are capable of using at will. It is able to do a variety of tasks. The panther climbs, runs, and even swims superior to other big cats. A representation of mastery over all dimensions.

The panther is a fierce and aggressive guardian. It is a symbol of the mysticism of darkness and the power of the night, eliminating fear as the panther elicits courage, valor, and power. When a panther totem appears to you, it is a symbol of releasing your passions and starting a new phase of your life with a deeper understanding and intuitiveness.
Exquisite 18k white gold setting with rhodium for gun metal color with push backs for pierced ears. 218 round brilliant diamonds, 1.09 carat total weight; 2 precious rubies, .21 carat total weight.

Black Diamond Prism Earrings


The infinite ray of life passes through the prism and is broken into a beautiful array of light. A representation of the one human experience and its unique parts in each soul.

Exquisite 18k white gold setting with hooked backs for pierced ears. 54 fancy black diamonds, carat total weight 0.24.